09. June 2017
Everyone visits Ephesus in Selcuk, but not many know that only a few killometers east lies Şirince, a lovely little village, famous for it's  olive oil and fruit wines.
16. May 2017
Troy, famous for it’s legend of the Trojan Horse and of course for the film starring Brad Pitt and Orlando Bloom. But you can find the real Troy (Truva) in Turkey, an UNESCO World Heritage and worth while visiting.
27. October 2016
‘Kuş’ = bird and Ada = Island, Kuşadası at the Aegean Turquoise Coast of Turkey is the spot to spent a perfect vacation.
22. September 2016
When I’m travelling I love to visit local markets. A dear friend of mine adviced me to go to Sigacik. Sigacik is a lovely little village near the sea. But is so much more than a farmers market. It’s a weekly craftsmarket and organic/ local food festival.
08. August 2016
Founded in 1000 BC, the Greeks build a temple for Athena on top of the crag. Visit Assos, enjoy the historical site and stunning views.
18. May 2016
It is as if you are walking through one of the lovely villages in the South of France, like Port Grimaud or St. Tropez. But it is not, this is Turkey. Alaçatı is the loveliest Med1terranean town I’ve ever visited in Turkey.
14. August 2015
Whether you like hiking in the mountains or lying on a beach relaxing, the national Milipark in Güzelcamli (formaly known as Dilek National Park) is a little piece of paradise. I like to go there, whenever I can, whatever season it is.
30. July 2015
The white fairytale baths and hot springs of the World Heritage Site Pamukale are one of the most famous tourists attractions in Turkey. Even if you’ve never been there you might have seen the beautiful pictures of the many white terraces made of travertine.
20. July 2014
Pergamon is a site you cannot miss when visiting the West Coast of Turkey. Consider staying overnight in Bergama, like we did. Lovely little town!
22. May 2014
Ephesus or Efes in Turkish , dates back to the 10th century BC, founded by Greek colonists. In 129 BC it came under Roman reign and became a flourishing city, the third largest of Roman Asia after Sardis and Alexandria.