Kusadasi, through the eyes of a 15 year old shop-a-holic

What to do when you're done relaxing and have seen enough of the most interesting cultural sites? Go shopping! For most of the non-Turkish-residents, shopping can be a real treat, not only because of the rate of the Turkish Lira. Our 15 year old daughter is a professional in this kind of area. She knows exactly where to go and goes home after every vacation with a brand new high fashioned wardrobe. So we've asked her to share to shop in Kusadasi:

  • Kusadasi AVM: in this shopping mall you'll find all the shops together: Mango, LC Waikiki, DeFacto, Koton, ADL and even a big Migros for your common groceries. You'll find Kusadasi AVM at the main road from Kusadasi to Sogucak.
  • Downtown Kusadasi: near the historical Kervanseray you'll find the real tourist shops. Here you can buy all the 'fake-brand' types of clothing. Shop owners can be very pushy.  But you'll have to go there, at least once, for the experience. Maybe you'll love it. We prefer shopping elswhere though.
  • Wednesday textile market: a busy an fun experience. You'll find the same fake Prada bags, Hilfiger shirts and copied brands as you can find downtown. But over here you can have real fun hassling for the best price. Beware that the asking price is only the start of the game. Offer a third and see if you can end up buying it for half price. In summer it can be really crowded with tourists. The wednesday market is accross the Kusadasi bus station. 
  • The new Marina, opposite to the Hilton hotel is a very nice area. Here you'll find lot's of nice restaurants and shops like the U.S. Polo Assn., Penti and Mudo.

Have fun!