Taste Turkish wines in Şirince

Everyone visits Ephesus in Selcuk, but not many know that only a few killometers east lies Şirince, a lovely little village, famous for it's  olive oil and fruit wines. We first visited Şirince on a Sunday morning with Turkish friends. We had traditional Turkish breakfast (Kahvaltı) on top of the hill. On the picture above you see how a part of our breakfast was prepared. This lady is making gözleme, potato pancakes, stuffed with spinach and white cheese. From this little restaurant we had excellent views on the Şirince valley. 

After breakfast we walked down through the narrow streets, filled with local crafts(wo)men selling homemade bread, honey, herbs, embroideries. On our left and right we found several wine sellers. Apart from wine made out of grapes, they produce fruit wines made out of apple, apricot, banana, blackberry, blueberry, mulberry (black, and white), mandarin, peach, cherry and strawberry. You can have a taste and judge before you buy (or not).

Although the climat would be perfect, there are not many wines produced in Turkey. I'm always in search for a proper Sauvignon Blanc...which isn't that easy to find. There is one called Sevilen, but most of the times it is sold out in the shops where I go. 

Anyway... Go there, visit Şirince. But when you are there in the summer, go only on weekdays, because in the weekends it is crowded by local tourists. Go early or late, because it can be very warm. Enjoy, have a taste from the local wines and take pictures of this pittoresque village.