Troy, visit a legendary site

Troijan horse
Troijan horse

Troy, famous for it’s legend of the Trojan Horse and of course for the film starring Brad Pitt and Orlando Bloom. But you can find the real Troy (Truva) in Turkey, an UNESCO World Heritage and worth while visiting.


The rebuild Trojan Horse gives you an impression of the gigantic size the of wooden horse that we all know from Homer’s Odyssey (that is, if the legend was real). You can actually climb in. Quite an adventure but far more interesting is the site itself. It is so wide and there’s is still so much to be discovered.Every day archeologists are excavating and revealing more and more of the history of this ancient city.

The most exciting thing for me was the fact that Troy was build and rebuild and build again, layer over layer, in the many centuries it excisted. Nine layers have been uncovered, from the most ancient Troy 3000 – 2600 BC to the most recent 85 BC – 5000 AC. Wandering through the ruins of Troy you can actually see these layers, a visible historical timeline.

When you decide to visit Troy you might consider to make it a two or three daytrip and visit Bergama, Pergamon and Assos too. You can stay in one of the lovely boutique hotels in Bergama or relax at one of the beach resorts near Assos.