'Bird island' in the sun

‘Kuş’ means bird and Ada means Island, together Kuşadası, situated at the Aegean Turquoise Coast of Turkey is the spot to spent a perfect vacation.

In the Summer season (april – november) many big cruiseships stop over at the port Scala Nuova. Tourists go for a daytrip to Ephessus or enjoy shopping in Kuşadası centre. Next to the Scala Nuova is the fishing port (far more interesting if you’d ask me). Every morning fresh fish is brought in by the fishermen. You can choose to buy and prepare it yourself or have a taste in one of the many fish restaurants around the fish market. If you walk from the fish harbour into the centre of Kuşadası first thing you’ll notice is the Caravanserai, constructed between 1615 and 1618, Constructed in the form of a fortress to meet the needs of the time, the caravanserai was used as customshouse.

When you enter the shopping centre, passing the Caravanserai, you can either choose to go straight on and be caught in the shopping-tourist-trap or choose to take the little Streets on your left and right hand where you can have a taste of the charming old town.

For shopping I personally prefer the so called ‘New Marina’. It is near the port for private boats and sailing yachts. Here you’ll find modern and luxurious shops. Above all this is a nice spot to have lunch or dinner. You’ll find a lot of good restaurants. My absolute favorite at this boulevard is Tranche: they serve excellent grilled meat and nice wines. If you want to have a taste of the Turkish Cuisine I’d strongly advise you to go to Limon Ağı, a little restaurant just behind the Caravanserai, serving the best Mezze.

In the 60ties and 70ties Ladies Beach was the tourist-place-to be. It is just outside the city centre. Still a perfect spot to spent an evening, watching the sun set and have bite and drink, watching the cruiseships leaving for Samos.

Kuşadası is the perfect place for a ‘do-nothing’vacation, for those who like to go to the beaches and enjoy watersports or dare to challenge the 18-holes golfcourse. But if you’d like to see a bit more there’s lot’s to do:  Ephessus, Troy, the National Milipark.

When you decide to go to Kusadasi by air Izmir is the nearest airport, but Bodrum is also and option. There are many luxurious and affordable resorts in and around Kuşadası where you can stay. I prefer to (and often do)  stay in one of the luxury Ottoman villas