Sunday market in Sigacik

When I’m travelling I love to visit local markets. It’s on the farmers markets where you can find the best and most fresh products at fair prices. I’d love to hang around and get in touch with locals, discussing what to make and how, where I should buy the best cheeses and where not… Of course that’s is a bit limited to my ability to speak the local language. In Turkey I’ll manage with the few words I speak, accompanied by my hands and feet.


A dear friend of mine adviced me to go to Sigacik. Sigacik is a lovely little village near the sea. But is so much more than a farmers market. It’s a weekly craftsmarket and organic/ local food festival.

Travelling from Kusadasi it took us an hour to reach Sigacik. Taking the costal road we enjoyed the awesome views along the way.


We found a parking spot just outside the village walls. We were so lucky because in the summer  Sigacik attracts lots of, mainly Turkish, tourists.


The Streets are full of people selling the most yummie home baked food and crafts enlivened by street musicians. It is a perfect spot to buy some local, organic products. Have a bite of the real gözleme, baklava, dolmas….and enjoy the atmosphere from one of the many terraces in the harbor.