Athena's temple in Assos

We visited the Temple of Assos in July 2016. The narrow coastal road leading to Behramkale with awesome seaviews and picturesque stone houses reminded us of the Amalfi Coast in Italy. Really! It is in Behramkale, also known by it’s ancient name Assos, where on the top op the cliff, overseeing the Aegean Sea, the Temple of Athena is located.

We parked the car in front of the village wall and walked our way up through the village. That’s quite a climb. And also a very nice one, wandering in between the little shops and craftsmen selling their handmade woodwork, organic products, needlework, etc. In the midst of July it was hot, really hot. But it was also very windy, almost stormy. But what a treasure we found uphill. The scenery was stunning. We could see the Greek Island Lesbos and had the most awesome views over the Aegean Sea.

Assos was founded 1000 BC by colonists from Lesbos. They build the temple of Athena on top of the crag in 530 BC. From this temple Hermias ( a student of Plato) ruled and encouraged philosophers to move to the city. As part of this, in 348 BC Aristotle came. This ‘golden period’ of Assos ended several years later when the Persians took over the city. They were driven out by Alexander the Great in 334 BC. Between 241 and 133 BC, the city was ruled by the Kings of  Pergamon until in 133 BC the city as it was absorbed by the Roman empire.

You’ll have to walk down, turn left after passing the village walls and keep them on your left until you see the ancient theatre of Assos. If you climb up the theatre you can again enjoy the awesome views. Imagine yourself sitting there, in the glory days that the theatre was still in use. If the games were boring there was still this surreal stunning scenery to enjoy.

We drove by car from Kusadasi to Assos, a 4 to 5 hours drive. I’m not sure if it is easy to reach by public transport. But it might. We stayed overnight in a beach resort with private beach and drove back the other day to our lovely hideaway in Kusadasi.

Going there you might consider taking a trip from to Troy to Bergama/Pergamom and Assos (or the other way around  ).