Alaçatı: surfers Paradise and lovely authentic village

It is as if you are walking through one of the lovely villages in the South of France, like Port Grimaud or St. Tropez. But it is not, this is Turkey. Alaçatı is the loveliest Med1terranean town I’ve ever visited in Turkey. Of course Turkey is full of lovely villages…but this one is the best. The stone houses, narrow streets, lovely little shops and restaurants with tables…it is like walking through a living still live.

The village’s old parts consist of very well preserved local Greek architecture of stone buildings lining cobbled streets. Some of the old Greek houses are over 100 years old.

Alaçatı was originally settled by Greeks in the 17th century. The Greek population of Alaçatı was forced to leave in 1914 but most of the Greek returned in 1919 during the Greek administration of Smyrna (Izmir) from 1919 till 1922. After the Greco–Turkish war the majority fled hastily with the retreating Greek Army following Greece’s defeat.

Every saturday there is a local market in Alaçatı with fresh fruit and vegetables and a variety of other produce, clothes and other articles which attracts both locals and tourists. But beware, in summer it can be very busy!

The cove of Alaçatı lies on the leeward side of the windy peninsula in Turkey’s western tip, which means lots of wind but no visible waves towards the coast. It is a perfect surfers paradise, in summer and in winter.

A visit to Alaçatı is nice to combine with a visit to Çeşme, popular holiday resort at the Aegean Sea.