Paradise by the sea

Whether you like hiking in the mountains or lying on a beach relaxing, the national Milipark in Güzelcamli (formaly known as Dilek National Park) is a little piece of paradise. I like to go there, whenever I can, whatever season it is.

It is beautiful 365 days per year:

In the early Spring you can enjoy the blossom trees  and quiet beaches,
  • In the early Summer (May/June) you might encounter some little wild boar in the park and on the beaches,
  • In the midst of Summer this is the best place to go to the beach. The trees at the edges of the beach offer you some shade when you’ve had your share of sun. This is also a nice season for a canyon walk
  • In the Autumn the weather is still nice for some beachlife and it is also an excellent season for hiking
  • In the winter everything is quiet which makes is more likely to enjoy more of the park’s fauna. I especially like this season to go beachcombing.

The vegetation and fauna at this peninsula are varied because of the Dilek mountain (1237 m) is creating significant temperature differences between the south and north sides of the peninsula. More than 200 different types of bird species can be found in this rich ecosystem. The National Park lies close to Davutlar (8 kilometers) en 23 kilometers from Kusadasi. It covers an area of 28.000 Hectares. It has a width of 6km and is 20km in length. If you want to see more, I strongly advise you to book a trip. You can also enjoy more pictures on my Instagram account or watch this film. When you decide to go to the Milipark you might as visit the Cave of Zeus (Zeus Magarasi). You can find it just before you enter the park in Güzelcamli, to your left. Some say that Zeus bathed here and others that the Virgin Mary did so. As the house where she is supposed to have lived the last days of her life is near Ephesus, not far away from here, this is not as fantastic as it seems. It is a nice place to take a bath…if you dare. Even in summer the water is freezing. But it is fun too!